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Why Does My Speech Pathologist Set Home Practice?

This blog article is about Why Does My Speech Pathologist Set Home Practice?

Why Does My Speech Pathologist Set Home Practice?

At Crows Nest Speech Clinic, we will always assign homework after every session, so that the client can continue with practice until the next session. Practice outside of sessions is crucial for learning, generalising and maintaining a skill.

Why homework is so important:

1. Repetition

Just like when you learn a new skill, the more you do it, the better you become. Daily practice gives your brain enough repetition to make new connections and/or repair old ones. Therapy sessions are only a small percentage of a client’s week, most therapy sessions are between 45-60 mins, once a week. For a new skill to be learnt, a lot of repetition outside of the clinic must happen.

2. Consistency

Consistency matters, research tells us that short bursts of practise more frequently are more productive than one long session. The more consistent you are about practicing a new skills, the quicker you are to generalise it and be able to use the new skill more easily.

3. Relevance

The goals we target in therapy are relevant to you or your child’s daily life. We always try to set homework that can be weaved into everyday routine. For example, if we are correcting your child’s lisp, homework might be to get in 10 mins of practice daily by playing ‘I Spy’ on the way to school everyone morning. This is fun and achievable way to get daily practice in.

The bottomline is that we understand that setting aside an hour a week to attend therapy is a big commitment. We also want it to be worth your time and for you to see progress as quickly as possible. The best way to help us help you is by completing home practice as prescribed!

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