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What Does School-Readiness Mean?

This blog article is about What Does School-Readiness Mean?

What Does School-Readiness Mean?

Starting kindergarten is a very exciting milestone for both the parent and child! It’s a big transition from preschool to kindergarten, we often hear the term ‘school-readiness’ used by early educators and teachers.

But what does school-readiness actually mean? School-readiness refers to a range of skills across the domains of self-help, language, social interaction, attention and listening as well as motor skills. It includes having the ability to:

1. Self-help skills

  • Be able to open and close their lunch boxes.
  • Eat packed lunches independently.
  • Complete toileting and hand washing independently.
  • Know their name and how to write their name.
  • Be able to count to 10.

3. Social skills

  • Be able to turn take and share with peers.
  • Play with their peers.
  • Separate from their parents.
  • Follow rules and problem solve.
  • Self-regulate and have some control over their emotions and behaviour.

2. Language skills

  • Be able to understand and follow instructions.
  • Be able to communicate their wants and needs.
  • Speak clearly.

4. Attention and listening

  • Focus, listen and complete tasks including sitting quietly during a story and standing in line.

5. Fine and Gross motor skills

  • Cut with scissors.
  • Grip and draw with pencils.
  • Climb, throw and catch a ball.

How do speech pathologists help with school-readiness?

We help with your child’s:

Receptive Language

Being able to understand spoken language.

Expressive Language

Being able to communicate with others.


The ability to speak clearly and be understood by others.

Social Skills

Being able to engage, communicate and play with other appropriately.

At Crows Nest Speech Clinic, we are can help you navigate through school-readiness, get in touch here to book in an assessment for your child.

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